Why Avoid Short Sale Riches

Published: 12th October 2010
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If you're considering a real estate based or even a judgment recovery course, you need to read this first.
Our summary is a no bs rundown. The strong points, and what's missing, of the programs:
Hooked on Overages By Rick Dawson. Great system strong materials. It is based on tax sale overages. Unfortunately, tax sale overages are very rare. This is because most of the municipal foreclosures have to either be without mortgages or liens or had to be the rare situation that had a mortgage holder which didn't respond to the county's notification of the impending tax foreclosure. . But that's not the worst of it. To continue, the price tag for the course comes in at just under two grand!
Short Sale Riches - By Nathan Jurewicz. Good system, but it is still a short sale system. Same stuff, different day. You put yourself between the bank and the end buyer. Cool twists, but you're chasing a sought after, finite number of deals. Also, short sales are very difficult. You have to remember that you are putting a deal together with a mortgage company who has to also negotiate with lien and mortgage holders behind it in line. However, if the bank choose to foreclose instead, the foreclosing entity wipes out all claims behind it on the property. At just under a grand, again a tough price tag. Don't forget that even with a low amount of money down for earnest money, you have to have a lot of lines in the water to get a deal to fly, so there can be substantial out of pocket.
The deed grabber. This program is by Rick Dawson.. Deals with purchasing deeds from owners prior to tax foreclosure. Great upshot potential, strong program, great price point. BUT, it works only in trust deed states and you do in fact have to flip the property. The best programs show you how to profit without actually owning the property.. And, the idea that you can buy a deed for a few hundred bucks. Most cases, speaking from experience, that is unrealistic. This is the case regardless of how you phrase your approach. It is inexpensive. But these deals are very rare.
Court House Riches - by Rick Dawson. Actually pretty cool. It's a combo set from Rick Dawson and has some good info. But about a grand for this? Yikes. Is this rick's version of a 'best of' compilation? If so, I'll skip the box set.
John Beck's free and clear real estate system. It's a tax sale investment system. This is well written, detailed. At less than twenty dollars, this is really well priced. Two big issues though. Forty dollar monthly subscription not mentioned. And there's a lot of complaints about attempted back end up selling. Not bait and switch, but borderline.
Land Profit Formula, now Land Profit Generator - By Jack Bosch. Okay, yet another deed grabber type of program.. The issue is that you still have to find an end buyer to cash out. Anybody see what's happening in the real estate market, especially the land market?? Two Grand price tag? Whew.... Jack is obviously damn proud of that course.
Judgment Recovery Business Training Courses: This was our top choice until not that long ago. The top judgment recovery courses are authored by Sierra Judgment Recovery and then Peter Gilboy. Fantastic courses with sensational documentation. And the price is right. Unfortunately, we can't recommend. Why? The main reason has nothing to do with the programs. The powers that be are passing new laws further restricting a judgment recovery specialists chance to get ahold of assets. Missed the boat on this one.
We saved the best for less. Shawn Buige's surplus funds riches course. Completely different take on surplus funds and excess proceeds recovery. Highest return on your time. And a great price under three hundred bucks. And the support from the author himself. Outrageous! The concept of how the system works is what is blowing our minds. Shawn and company teach people how to pull down crazy money. AND, they fund the people who buy the program if they need it, even doing the deals and paying out a commission on the gross. This is groundbreaking. Hats off to the creator of this program. This is our only recommended product because the money is already there to take, using his system. Pinch us! Yes!

short sale riches

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short sale riches

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